Friday, February 22, 2013

Promo: Sun Cellular Name Ur Number SIM

Lest I forget to create a blog post, (which to those who are reading this right now, has been a very very long time... my apologies :P) here's a new one for this late New Year!

Baguio Bloggers Society has had the pleasure to have dinner with Ms. Carissa Mae Flores, a representative for Sun Cellular (and a total hottie... I'm not lesbian I swear) at Hill Station Casa Vallejo.

Hope you guys don't mind the grainy pic... Instagram's fault... O_O

While having dinner, Ms Carissa had a mini raffle for everyone, and 2 winners who could answer the question will win a special prize! Guess who just won a brand new Sun Cellular Broadband Stick? *ahem*

Ms. Carissa and me... :P
The prize I got for answering correctly! 
 Thank God (and Google) I was able to answer that question correctly, if not, I wouldn't be able to blog about this right now since I'm having some net connection problems. I'm currently using the Sun Broadband as I blog right now... hahaha!

So what was the question? It was actually about Sun Cellular's latest promo called Sun Name Ur Number SIM. I guess the name says it all but let me explain further.

Sun Name Ur Number SIM is a prepaid SIM that allows you to choose the mobile number that you want, might I add, for FREE! (Like seriously, who doesn't want free stuff right?) Just like 0942-8-SEDUCE. (By the way, that's Solenn's Sun Number :P)

On top of that Sun Name Ur Number SIM actually comes with a Sun Call and Text Combo 50 load which will last for 5 days!!! You're probably thinking of getting yourself a Sun SIM by now! Don't worry because it will only cost you 59 pesos! This deal is a total steal!

So what can I say, I definitely had a lovely dinner, and a lovely night with a lovely lady, and a lovely prize. I would just like to thank Sun Cellular for this dinner, as you can see, I definitely enjoyed myself.

Slow Roast Beef with mashed potatoes and Death by Chocolate

And the night didn't end there. We even got some very awesome freebies from Sun Cellular! Each one of us was able to bring home a Sun Name Ur Number SIM! What a great way to end the night!

Freebies from Sun Cellular

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  1. You were so darn lucky to have won that sun broadband! I so wanted that! :P

    So, have you thought about a personalized number yet? :)


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